Advertising Trends:
July 10, 2018

Changing Media Consumption- How People Use Technology

As we dive head first into the age of technology and get our hands (literally) on more and more new devices – it’s no wonder that the way people consume media has changed drastically. In a world of changing media consumption, people are using technology differently than they have in the past. Here are some ways that the changing media landscape has affected consumer’s use of technology.

Media Multitasking with Technology


We all do it. You know the drill. You’ve got the television on to your favorite prime time program. You have your tablet or laptop beside you opened to your latest work project or unanswered emails. You have your phone in your hand, or within arm’s reach, ready to respond to any text message or social media notification that pops up. You are media multitasking.


The latest technology devices are so convenient to use that we find it hard not to use many – if not ALL of them – at the same time. This changing form of media consumption presents some problems to the advertising world (such as a more fragmented and harder to measure industry). But, on the other hand, media multitasking allows advertisers to further connect with their customers in new and different ways.


How many times have you seen an interesting commercial for a new item, and then immediately checked them out on social media, a search engine, or went straight to their website? With a device in their hands nearly at all times, consumers have transformed into not just idle “watchers,” but into active BUYERS at all times.


Media consumption has gone up and up in the past few years. Check out this article from AdWeek.


Technology as a Social Tool


If you’re near the younger-end of the millennials, then you’ve most likely been scolded at one point or another for pointing your attention to your laptop, tablet, gaming device or smartphone as opposed to the people in the room. Did mom yell at you to put your phone away at the dinner table? We know your pain.


But, what other generations (parents especially) don’t realize is that we are engaging in conversation. We are being social. It’s just in a different way.


Technology is more social than ever. You can carry on a conversation with a whole world of people straight from the palm of your hand. You can arrange plans for later, learn more about a new love interest, ask advice from friends and family, and tell the world about your latest news. All without saying a word.


While some people see this part of technology as a detriment to society and possibly the worst outcome of the social media age… others see it as a way to harness the creativity of the world and to give those without a voice a NEW way to express themselves.


Lifestyle Technology


Another way that media consumption is changing is through lifestyle technology. Not only are we connected to information, social networks and news on a constant basis, but also we can connect with our own lifestyle using technology.


From personal fitness devices that track our movement, activity and health goals to in-home devices that answer questions, order groceries or call for a pizza – technology is becoming part of everyday life.


With the emergence of “smart homes” and home automation technology, it’s hard to go anywhere without being able to access any aspect of your life and home directly from a connected device.


If you left your phone at home today… we can bet that you’d turn right around to go get it, no matter what. Why is that? Because it’s your LIFE.


Check out some great stats about smartphone dependency on this site.


These are just a few ways that advancing technology has resulted in changing media consumption over the past several years. In the future, we can be sure to see an even larger increase in media consumption, across various channels and devices, not to mention an even greater percentage of smartphone dependent people across the nation.


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