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June 1, 2017

Why You Can't Just Keep Doing What You've Always Done

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Some things are great when they stay the same… like the price of beer at your favorite bar, the number on the scale after the holidays, or your favorite dish at a local restaurant. But, if there’s one thing that doesn’t benefit from staying the same, it’s got to be your marketing plan.


To stay fresh in your industry, consider reviewing your marketing strategy on a routine basis. Make sure you do your research and check out the competition. While you don’t always want to do “what everyone else is doing,” you’ll want to make sure you at least know what they are doing. Does everyone seem to be advertising on TV? Ask yourself why. Did you see a newspaper ad for a competitor? Find out what it cost them. Seeing a lot of local businesses using text advertising? Know what your local options are. There are endless ways to market your business. From the classic “word of mouth” advertising, to social media campaigns, online ads and mobile marketing, you want to make sure that you know the best option for your business.


Why you can’t just keep doing what you’ve always done…


So here’s the deal: things get old, people are lazy, and your business won’t advertise itself. Sure, you may have some loyal customers that clip your weekly coupon from the local newspaper and head in each Tuesday for the special… but those are your repeat, regular customers. While you surely want to keep them happy, is sticking with the “same old thing” helping you to drive new traffic through your doors?


The key to developing a consistent, fresh stream of revenue from new customers is trying new marketing tactics. Stick with some of your favorite things that work, but set aside a certain amount of your advertising budget each month for trying something new. You never know which advertising method will bring you the most new customers until you’ve tried various methods, and over a strategic period of time.


Give new advertising methods more than just a “one shot” deal…


If you’re a small business owner, then you’ve surely had your share of sales representatives with the latest and greatest advertising ideas coming through your doors. Whether you have the luxury of a gatekeeper at the front to filter these reps, or if you’re seeing them as they come in – that pile of advertising information on your desk is surely building up as the year goes on.


While you might not need to try everything – and especially not all at once – giving these other advertising methods a shot may prove to bring you some new customers, or market your business in a different, unexpected way. For example, have you thought about what Facebook could do for your business?


So what to try? There are so many advertising options…


Finding the right marketing solution is no simple task. Every business will have a different formula that works best for their industry and their target customer. As a business owner, you know your customers best. If you don’t – then it’s time to get to know them. What age are your customers? Do you know if they are on social media a lot? Do they always carry their smartphones into your business? Are they more of the print-media crowd? Think about your ideal, typical customer, and then think about your options.


Typical options for businesses nowadays usually involve a combination of the following types of advertising solutions:

Online Ads & Ad Words (Pop-up Ads, Banner Ads, Google Ad Words)

Radio & Television Commercials

Content Marketing (Website content, Blogs)

Print Media Solutions (Newspaper, Magazine, Brochures)

Social Media Ads (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Promotional Marketing (T-Shirts, Signage, Freebies)

Mobile Marketing (Text Message Advertising)

Word of Mouth Advertising (You tell your friend to tell a friend about your business)


No matter what you choose – make your marketing plan and stick to it long enough to measure the results.


Once you’ve selected a good portfolio of marketing options and have your strategy ready to go, make sure you get everything lined up, stay within your budget, and stick to your plan for long enough to measure the results. Trying some just once is not usually a good indicator of how good it is. Like a good recipe, it usually takes a few practice runs to get it just right.


So, give your marketing strategy a few months to take hold and gather as much information as possible to be able to measure your results. If things aren’t working out after a few months… then you’ll know it's time to re-think your strategy.


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