Marketing Advice:
June 19, 2017

Word of Mouth Advertising Vs. Word of Thumb

If you’re in marketing and advertising, then you know the number-one reason many businesses choose to say “NO” to a new marketing solution… That #1 reason, or excuse, is that they rely on “word of mouth” advertising as their best and only marketing strategy.


While there is great merit in Word of Mouth advertising – nothing is more important than a strong recommendation from one person to another – a lot of times “word of mouth” can go entirely in the wrong direction.


For example, if you’ve had a bad experience at a restaurant, you are more likely going to tell your family, friends and whoever else will listen about your terrible time. It’s human nature: we like to complain more than we compliment. Plus, if you have a great time, or average time, or even just an adequate time… you will most likely just go on with your day-to-day life and not tell anyone about your good/average/great experience.


Unless you were blown away by an amazing experience and have to shout it out to the world; that “word of mouth” recommendation that you could have shared will likely be wasted.


So, how does one harness the power of word of mouth advertising and ensure that customers will tell their friends about you?


At TapOnIt, we like to take our customer’s personal recommendations (from one friend to another) and give them rewards for sharing that compliment. We call this sharing functionality Word of Thumb™ advertising. With just a tap on their smartphones, customers can easily recommend a local business offer to their friends or family members through a simple text message, Facebook share or tweet. When a new user accepts their share – a personal recommendation from one customer to another – then that user receives a bonus offer via text. Now that’s incentive for spreading some great “word of mouth” news!


Want to know more about how Word of Mouth™ advertising works? Check out our advertising page today. Send out a TapOnIt offer, and watch the sharing magic happen. Try Word of Thumb™ Advertising Today!


Our CEO & Founder Katie Wilson says:


“People talk about word of mouth being the best form of advertising… Which is true, when it is positive. 


Unfortunately, people tend to complain more than they compliment and a negative experience always seems to make it sooo much further than a positive experience. 


Well, we refer to our sharing functionality as 'Word of Thumb™' and it is ALL positive!  People aren't going to share your offer with friends if they don't like your business. People share the offers on Facebook, Twitter and text to tell people about the great deals. That's a personal recommendation from one person to another, or even a whole network of people 😊”