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Text TapOnIt to the number 82928. You will be asked to enter your zip code, just confirm to be opted in! Visit our homepage to see all available markets!
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receive offers
After you text back in with your zip code, you'll get a text message back from 82928 with images of the latest local offers. Tap on the blue link to view, SHARE, SAVE and REDEEM offers.
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view all offers
On your TapOnIt screen, you can view great local offers. Tap on the MENU button to VIEW MORE OFFERS to save your favorites and to see all of TapOnIt MARKETS.
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SHARE offers with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or Text to earn even more great offers!
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When a new TapOnIt user accepts your shared offer, you'll get a text message containing a link to view your BONUS offer that you can SAVE FOR LATER.
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Receive an offer you can’t wait to use? Redeeming is easy! Simply visit the establishment and Tap on the REDEEM button while you’re there. That’s it!